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Reverb Foundation

Reverb Foundation

Making the world
more musical.


Create more opportunities to learn and experience music to the fullest


Get gear into the hands of aspiring musicians to help them grow

Who We Are

This year, we are giving $500,000 to the people dedicated to helping others.

Since we got our start in 2012, Reverb’s mission has been to connect musicians. Now, through Reverb Foundation, we are providing half a million dollars of instruments to the charities and organizations dedicated to instructing those who want to learn but do not have the means. In short, we’re continuing to make the world a more musical place.

Our Goal

from after school to music therapy.

all across the United States.

How We Fund

Providing new and used instruments to the programs that need them.

We’re right alongside you from the first message. We work with each program to figure out how many instruments are needed and how to maintain them, then buy the instruments from local Reverb shops.

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How We Evaluate

Top Markets

Music-Education Programs

Instrument Usage

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We Want to Hear From You

If you're a nonprofit, educational, or afterschool organization offering programming that is making the world more musical, we'd love to hear from you.

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