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Guitar effects pedals have become the default way guitarists and other musicians expand and enhance the sounds of their instruments. Dating back to the 1960s when players like Jimi Hendrix began using fuzz and wah pedals in performance and recording, the sheer volume of available effect types and pedal models has expanded dramatically. In the 1970s, pioneering brands like Electro-Harmonix and MXR helped establish the various branches of the guitar effect family tree with new effects like delay and flanger increasing in popularity. Moving into the '80s, Boss took things even further offering new concepts such as chorus and earning a spot as the most popular pedal company in the world in the process. The past decade or so has witnessed an absolute watershed of smaller, boutique pedal companies entering the market offering more elaborate and adventurous pedals than ever before. For new pedal users, this massive selection can be daunting, but just remember, the best part of buying pedals is experimenting with new and exciting sounds. Buy something, give it a shot, and if you want something different, you can always sell it right here on Reverb and buy something new.