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    Truetone CS12 1 SPOT Pro Power Supply

    51 available from $120
    The Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 pedalboard power supply features 12 isolated outputs with a range of available voltages and currents, offering up clean, quiet power for almost any combination of pedals. In addition to standard 9V outputs, the 1 SPOT Pro CS12 gives you four outputs switchable between 9V and 12V via dip switches on the bottom panel, 18V outputs for higher voltage pedals, and even an output variable from 4V to 9V to give you the effect of a drained battery that sounds great with a number of fuzz pedals. Packaged with all the cables and converter plugs you'll need, plus mounting brackets for the popular Pedaltrain boards, the 1 SPOT Pro CS12 is the top-notch solution you want for your pro pedalboard.
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    MXR DC Brick M237 Power Supply

    83 available from $75
    MXR has provided a revamp of the DCB10 with its DC Brick M237 featuring the same short circuit and overload protection but with two times the power. The DC Brick M237 sports eight 9v outputs, each with an LED short indicator, and two 18v outputs for a virtually endless combination of pedals. Power your pedals all night long with the MXR DC Brick M237.
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    CIOKS SOL Power Supply

    39 available from $149
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    Truetone CS6 1 Spot Pro Power Supply

    45 available from $103.99
    The Truetone CS6 1 Spot is a low-profile power brick capable of putting out up to 1600mA of pure, silent power. Though it appears more unassuming than its bigger brothers in the 1 Spot Pro line, the CS6 is equipped with a variety of DC voltages that can power just about any pedal on the market. Each output is kept completely isolated, regulated, and filtered so as to eliminate crosstalk and noise. Perfect for those concerned with space efficiency, the CS6 packs the 1 Spot tech into a unit that can comfortably fit atop or be mounted underneath your pedalboard to serve as both a power supply and pedal riser.
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    Truetone CS7 1 SPOT Pro Power Supply

    56 available from $85
    The Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS7 is a brick-style pedalboard power supply with seven isolated outputs that provide clean, quiet power to 99% of pedals on the market. Four outputs are switchable from 9V to 12V, while the other three outputs can be used for high current (500mA) and high voltage (18V) pedals. All the cables and adapters you might need are included, as is mounting hardware for the popular Pedaltrain boards, making the 1 SPOT Pro CS7 a one-and-done solution for all small or mid-sized pedalboards.
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    MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply

    66 available from $70
    The Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply supplies quiet, noise-free DC power to wide range of pedal types while taking up less space than a candy bar. Whether you need a space-saving solution for your downsized travel board or you just need to power a small, carefully curated selection of tried-and-true staples, this little box has what you need.
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    MXR M238 Iso-Brick Power Supply

    87 available from $109.99
    The MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply offers up 10 isolated outputs for a swath of voltages and power draws in a pedalboard-friendly size. This noise-free PSU is fully isolated, eliminating any worry you might have about cleanliness of the power in a venue or rehearsal space. With six 9V outputs (two at 100mA, two at 300mA, two at 450mA), two 18V 250mA outputs, and a pair of variable voltage outputs that swing from 6-15V, the Iso-Brick provides clean, safe power for all the pedals on your board...unless you've got more than ten.
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    Strymon Ojai 5-Output Compact High Current DC Power Supply

    80 available from $129
    The Ojai is a simple yet extremely high-performance power supply from the always-innovative designers at Strymon. This supply provides five points of 9V power with 500mA per output. With a clever dual-stage isolation design, the Ojai is extremely noise-reducing. For rigs where five power points isn't enough, a 24v Thru jack allows you to string multiple units together from one powersource to run as many pedals as your board can fit.
    • Five 9V, 500mA power with center-negative polarity
    • Includes 24V power supply and pedal power cables
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    Boss LS-2 Line Selector

    79 available from $69
    Featuring a mode switch for toggling between six line modes and separate controls for A and B lines, the Boss LS-2 Line Selector is a compact means to switch signal paths in a live setting on the fly. Built in a sturdy chassis and much more affordable than other line selectors on the market, this pedal is perfect for the guitarist looking for easy signal path navigation.
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    Pedaltrain Nano+ with Soft Case

    31 available from $59.99
    Measuring large enough to accommodate six standard-sized pedals and built in dual-rail configuration with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Pedaltrain Nano+ 18" x 5" Pedalboard is a solid option for players with a minimal effect setup after a reliable board. Neatly arrange your chain and bag it up to go in less than a minute with the included soft bag for easy travel to a gig.
  • 14

    Voodoo Lab PP3P Pedal Power 3 Plus

    24 available from $199
  • 15

    Pedaltrain Classic JR with Soft Case

    49 available from $85
    Pedaltrain is a major name in the pedalboard industry for a reason. The boards in its line are well-designed, with strong rails for eliminating the mess of daisy-chanined pedals. This Classic JR model measures 18x12.5x3.5 inches, with traditional spacing akin to the original PT-JR it was based on. Coming in at just three pounds, it won't add a lot of weight to your touring setup, while guaranteeing (along with its soft case) to hold up to stress and keep your gear safe and secure.
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    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO 5

    59 available from $80
    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO 5 can provide clean, quiet isolated power for up to five pedals, making it perfect for a smaller board or a backup for a larger one. Eliminating background hum and ground loops, cross-pedal interaction is not an issue with this power supply.
  • 17

    Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit

    34 available from $134
  • 18

    Walrus Audio Aetos 120V Clean Power Supply V1.5

    7 available from $100
    Featuring eight outputs, an ironclad housing unit and custom-wound toroidal transformer, the Aetos is a clean power supply compatible with nearly every pedal on the market. Meaning "eagle" in Greek, the Aetos is easily one of the top birds of power supplies and provides years of reliable, consistent use.
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    Boss FS-6 Dual Foot Switch Pedal

    87 available from $43
    Built like a rock and designed to function seamlessly through other Boss pedals thanks to the latching design, the FS-6 Dual Foot Switch is a no-frills utility pedal designed to last for years. A/B-based and able to connect to other footswitches, the FS-6 is a perfect choice for a rig with multiple cabs or a swarm of pedals.
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    Visual Sound 1 Spot

    60 available from $14.99
    For the best power supply on a budget, look no further than the Visual Sound 1 Spot. With this 9V DC adapter that can be used to daisy-chain pedals together, you can power multiple pedals depending on what adapter configuration you use while only taking up one spot on a power strip - making its name seriously appropriate.
  • 21

    CIOKS DC7 and C8E Superpower Bundle

    18 available from $350
  • 22

    Pedaltrain Nano with Soft Case

    26 available from $70
    Featuring a compact design and solid contruction, the Pedaltrain Nano brings all the quality of a Pedaltrain without the hassle of lugging around an entire board. Capable of housing up to four pedals, the Nano is a perfect choice for singer-songwriter coffeehouse gigs or any guitarist who only needs the basics in their pedal selection.
  • 23

    Pedaltrain Classic 2 with Soft Case

    39 available from $80
    The Pedaltrain Classic 2 brings an update to the PT-2 model with upgraded features for the modern guitarist. Along with the standard four-rail design and spacing, it offers an open front instead of portholes and a 1" higher stance to fit more types of power supplies.
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    CIOKS 4 Expander Power Supply

    31 available from $113.99
  • 25

    Holeyboard Pedalboards 123 Complete Pedalboard

    8 available from $114.99
  • 26

    Strymon Ojai R30 5-Output Low-Profile High Current DC Power Supply

    69 available from $164
  • 27

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X8

    25 available from $105
  • 28

    Fender Engine Room LVL12 Power Supply

    37 available from $205
  • 29

    Truetone 1 SPOT Power Adapter Combo Pack

    35 available from $29.95
    The Truetone 1 SPOT power adapter combo pack comes with a wealth of cables and adapters to power virtually any pedal while taking up no space on your pedalboard. This pack comes with the famed 1 SPOT adapter as well as an 8-plug cable, two battery clip adaters, two 1/8" adapters, and an L6 adapter for powering Line 6 modeling pedals. Give your pedals the clean, quiet power they crave while saving a bunch of money compared to brick-style power supplies.
  • 30

    Walrus Audio Canvas Power 15

    20 available from $258
  • 31

    CIOKS 8 Expander Power Supply

    31 available from $130
  • 32

    Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Soft Case

    28 available from $89
    The Pedaltrain Metro 20 pedalboard features three rails with plenty of room for big box pedals and multi-effects units while still holding smaller mini pedals with a strong bond. Measuring at 20"x8", the Metro 20 is small enough to cart around on the subway in its handy soft case while having enough space for mid-sized pedal rigs. Aircraft-grade aluminum construction and the included 60" of adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fastening make the Metro 20 a great choice for the constantly gigging musician.
  • 33

    CIOKS CRUX Power Converter

    21 available from $69
  • 34

    Walrus Audio Phoenix

    9 available from $150
    The Walrus Audio Phoenix is a power supply that will work overtime for you. With 15 isolated outputs using two custom wound toroidal transformers, you'll be able to power up to four 9V, 300mA pedals, eight 9V, 100mA pedals, two 12V pedals, and one 18V device with the cleanest sound and lowest noise for an extremely pure recreation of your tone.
  • 35

    Fender Engine Room LVL8 Power Supply

    45 available from $169
  • 36

    Strymon Zuma R300 5-Output Ultra Low-Profile High Current DC Power Supply

    63 available from $170
  • 37

    Wampler Pantheon Overdrive

    65 available from $115
    The Pantheon from Indiana-based pedal company Wampler is an overdrive circuit voiced after Marshall's Bluesbreaker Stompbox, which itself was based off of the brand's legendary amplifier. A super transparent circuit that's a favorite of players like Eric Clapton and other British blues rock greats from the mid-'60s, this pedal aims to deliver the same kind of signature breakup the original amp is known for. It features bass and treble knobs, a presence knob, and three-way switches for both gain level (with a complementary knob) and overdrive voice, which lets users select their clipping type.
  • 38

    Voodoo Lab PP3 Pedal Power 3

    25 available from $211
  • 39

    Pedaltrain Novo 24 with Soft Case

    34 available from $110
    Featuring aircraft-quality aluminum construction with a five-rung design and angled open-face front for easy access to your effects, the Pedaltrain Novo 24 Pedalboard brings consistent performance with every use. Equating to 120 inches of total space to accommodate a wide variety of effects, the Novo is the perfect avenue for transporting effects safely and quickly.
  • 40

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4

    42 available from $120
    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4 takes the Pedal Power Digital to the next level, feeding those same power-hungry effects pedals with four digital outputs and another four standard 9v outputs. These eight outputs are totally separated and noise-free and are cooled by a silent fan designed to keep the 4x4 chilled out and ready to rock even under the most adverse performance conditions.
  • 41

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4

    37 available from $79.99
    The Voodoo Labs Pedal Power X4 is the perfect power supply solution for pedalboard users—especially those running flat Pedaltrain boards, as this power supply is designed to mount perfectly beneath them.
    • 4 isolation 9V outputs
    • Multi-pole filtering for eliminating noise
    • Delivers a total of 100mA to handle high-current DSP effects
    • Ultra-compact and easily mountable to even the smallest pedalboards
  • 42

    D'Addario XPND 1 Pedalboard

    50 available from $86.31
  • 43

    Pig Hog PP9V 9v AC Power Supply

    26 available from $8.09
  • 44

    Pedaltrain Classic JR with Tour Case

    14 available from $199.99
  • 45

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

    14 available from $75
    Compact but packing a powerful punch, the T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior will power five pedals with five isolated outputs for quiet power and lack of noise. The 9V power supply has switchable 115V or 230V mains that will keep your pedalboard neat and clean from untidy power cables.
  • 46

    Pedaltrain Classic PRO with Soft Case

    23 available from $170
  • 47

    Boss BCB-90X Pedalboard

    36 available from $110
  • 48

    Gator GPB-BAK Large Aluminum Pedalboard with Carry Bag

    80 available from $105
  • 49

    Boss Boss PSA-120S2 AC Power Adapter

    37 available from $29.99
  • 50

    D'Addario XPND 2 Pedalboard

    46 available from $139
  • 51

    Pedaltrain Metro 16 with Soft Case

    5 available from $75
    Made from aircraft grade aluminum and clocking in at only 1.6 lbs. and dimensions of 16x8", the Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedal Board is designed to offer the most space in the most compact design possible. Sporting a redesigned rail system which better accommodates smaller pedals, the Metro 16's ability to easily configure an effects setup make it ideal for the guitarist or bassist who wants a lot happening in their rig without sacrificing space. Available with either a matching hard or soft shell case.
  • 52

    Pedaltrain Classic 2 with Tour Case

    15 available from $212.99
    The Pedaltrain Classic 2 brings an update to the PT-2 model with upgraded features for the modern guitarist. Along with the standard four-rail design and spacing, it offers an open front instead of portholes and a 1" higher stance to fit more types of power supplies. This model comes complete with a hard case for keeping your gear safe and contained on tour.
  • 53

    Pedaltrain Classic 1 with Soft Case

    18 available from $150
    The Pedaltrain Classic 1 Pedalboard is a streamlined solution for a compact, reliable effect center that's ready to travel. Built around a hand-welded four-rail design made with aircraft-grade aluminum, this 22" wide by 12.5" tall board is a roughneck base for your pedals ready for the demands of the road or just a quick trip to the practice space.
  • 54

    CIOKS Ciokolate 100-800mA 16-Outlet 4-24v Power Supply

    23 available from $274.99
  • 55

    Strymon Ojai R30 Expansion Kit

    26 available from $169
  • 56

    Boss BCB-60 Pedalboard / Carrying Case

    9 available from $80
  • 57

    Pedaltrain Classic 1 with Tour Case

    12 available from $179
    The Classic Series from Pedaltrain is the heir to the original PT-1 line with the company's original four-rail design.
    • Pedalboard Dimensions: 22 in x 12.5 in x 3.5 in (55.8 cm x 31.7 cm x 8.9 cm)
    • Tour Case Exterior Dimensions: 24 in x 15.25 in x 9 in (60.9 cm x 38.7 cm x 22.8 cm)
    • Tour Case Interior Dimensions: 13 in x 23 in x 7 in (33 cm x 58.4 cm x 17.7 cm)
    • Tour Case Weight: 14.9 lbs (6.76 kg)
  • 58

    Walrus Audio Canvas Power 8

    26 available from $216.99
  • 59

    Boss BCB-30X Pedalboard

    27 available from $41
  • 60

    Temple Audio SOLO 18 GM Pedalboard

    5 available from $109
  • 61

    Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Plus Advanced Channel Selector

    60 available from $39.99
    Built with an unobtrusive chassis, separate LED color indicators and dual-stomp design for routing separate amps or both at once, the Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Plus Advanced Channel Selector makes navigating big rigs easier than ever. This little controller's fully passive audio path retains the original clarity and strength of your signal for no interference in tone or effects. Perfect for metal guitarists.
  • 62

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo

    28 available from $159
    The Pedal Power Mondo by Voodoo Lab is the granddaddy of all Pedal Power supplies. It boasts a whopping twelve isolated outputs that can power anything from your hungriest Eventides to all of your standard 9-volt effects. If you have a gigantic pedalboard and are ripping your hair out trying to find one monstrous power supply to keep all your pedals satisfied, look no further than the Pedal Power Mondo by Voodoo Lab.
  • 63

    CIOKS DC10 100-400mA 10-Outlet 9-15v Power Supply

    20 available from $155
  • 64

    Fender Engine Room LVL5 Power Supply

    38 available from $99.95
  • 65

    Pedaltrain Nano MAX with Soft Case

    19 available from $96
  • 66

    Gator GTR-PWR-12 Power Supply

    31 available from $100
  • 67

    Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Hard Case

    6 available from $119.99
  • 68

    Friedman Power Grid 10 Power Supply

    17 available from $150
  • 69

    Voodoo Lab PPL6-R 2.1mm to 2.5mm Reverse Polarity Right-Angled Power Cable - 18"

    18 available from $4.49
  • 70

    Eventide PowerMax V2

    28 available from $195
  • 71

    Pedaltrain Metro 16 with Hard Case

    7 available from $99.99
  • 72

    Voodoo Lab PT Mounting Brackets for Pedaltrain

    5 available from $14.99
  • 73

    Gator GTR-PWR-5 Power Supply with 5 Isolated Outlets

    35 available from $50
  • 74

    Gator GTR-PWR-8 Power Supply With 8 Isolated Outputs

    35 available from $79.99
  • 75

    Fender Professional Pedal Board - Small

    14 available from $157.95
  • 76

    Temple Audio DUO-24-TR Duo 24 Pedalboard

    7 available from $129
    Designed with expanded space and unique holing through the board to accommodate any style of chassis within a relatively compact space, the Temple Audio DUO-24-TR Duo 24 Pedalboard is a streamlined solution for anyone with a wide array of pedals.
  • 77

    Gator GPB-LAK-1 Small Aluminum Pedal Board w/Carry Bag

    27 available from $95
  • 78

    Pedaltrain Metro 16 with Tour Case

    20 available from $89.99
  • 79

    On-Stage GPB2000 Compact Pedal Board w/ Gig Bag

    24 available from $64.95
  • 80

    Pedaltrain Metro 24 with Hard Case

    6 available from $129.99
  • 81

    NuX NPB-L Bumblebee Large Pedal Board with Soft Case

    30 available from $101.89
  • 82

    Temple Audio DUO 24 GM Pedalboard

    5 available from $129
  • 83

    Visual Sound 1-Spot CL6 Converter

    26 available from $3.99
  • 84

    Temple Audio TRIO 28 GM Pedalboard

    4 available from $144.53
  • 85

    Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

    40 available from $139.99
    Voodoo Lab's Ground Control Pro gives you the ultimate power to configure and reconfigure your rig with just the tap of a footswitch. Control up to eight MIDI devices, each with their own separate channel, with the Ground Control Pro and then assign the GCP's buttons for instant access to loops or processors. It's the friendliest, easiest MIDI foot controller, even allowing you to name each preset so you don't have to remember the difference between Preset 1 and Preset 6. Volume and expression pedals can plug right in for real-time control of your MIDI messages as well.
  • 86

    Rockboard Power LT XL Rechargeable Power Station

    21 available from $59.90
  • 87

    Pedaltrain Novo 32 with Soft Case

    14 available from $150
    The Pedaltrain Novo 32 is a large pedalboard with five rails and enough space for players with a great deal of pedals or need to accommodate a true-bypass switcher at the bottom. With plenty of room underneath for bottom-mounting of the most popular brick-style power supplies, the Novo 32 also makes use of a newly-designed rail system that bonds wonderfully, even with compact mini pedals. When it's time for the show, toss the Novo 32 into its soft case, throw your cables in the zipper pouch, and get over to the gig in style.
  • 88

    Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard with Case

    17 available from $148
  • 89

    Pedaltrain Metro 24 with Soft Case

    30 available from $84
  • 90

    Mission Engineering 529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply

    5 available from $151.20
  • 91

    Ernie Ball Volt Power Supply

    43 available from $75
  • 92

    Voodoo Lab PPX4EK Pedal Power X4 Expander Kit

    22 available from $69
  • 93

    Rockboard QUAD-4.2-B Pedalboard with Gig Bag

    9 available from $139.84
  • 94

    Pedaltrain JR MAX with Soft Case

    26 available from $99.95
  • 95

    Boss BCB-30 Compact Pedal Board

    8 available from $35
    Bringing together features likes a tough-as-nails molded resin case, an easily transportable design, and the capacity to hold up to three compact Boss pedals, the Boss BCB-30 Compact Pedal Board is designed for the musician on the go. Clocking in at a weight of just 2 lb. 11 oz. and dimensions of 13x12", this unit is designed for no-hassle moving while still ensuring that your pedal rig is kept in pristine condition. Ideal for the guitarist or bassist with a streamlined pedal setup, this board works equally well for synth players who want a few added effects to their rig.
  • 96

    Boss BCB-1000 Pedalboard

    19 available from $229.99
  • 97

    Fender Professional Pedal Board - Medium

    29 available from $190
  • 98

    Dunlop ECB004 Barrel 18V AC Adapter

    21 available from $17.89
  • 99

    Temple Audio SOLO 18 VW Pedalboard

    7 available from $105.73
  • 100

    NuX NPB-M Bumblebee Medium Pedal Board with Soft Case

    24 available from $90
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