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  • 76

    Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive

    239 available from $52
    The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food pedal seeks to mimic the classic Klon Centaur tone and succeeds in fooling most ears. The real value, however, is recognized by discerning listeners who appreciate the original and satisfying sonic territory that the EHX Soul Food overdrive provides in the spaces where it differs from the Klon.
  • 77

    DigiTech Whammy DT

    26 available from $329.99
    DigiTech adds a new member to their Whammy Family with the DigiTech Whammy DT, which expands upon previous DigiTech whammies by adding drop tuning and true bypass to its original pitch shifting capabilities. You can now drop or raise tuning by 7 half steps or an entire octave and are provided with a ton of classic whammy voicings at your disposal. All of your key changes can take place in seconds with just the tap of your toe, and you can even create hammer-on and pull-off effects with the momentary footswitch.
  • 78

    Boss RE-2 Space Echo

    43 available from $225
    An iconic RE-201, shrunk down into a slim pedal for the first time. The RE-2 has the three-head sound of the 201, with an 11-mode selector, independent level controls for echo and reverb, and features not found on the original. These include a Wow & Flutter control, longer delay time, tap tempo, stereo I/O, and more.
  • 79

    JHS Bonsai Overdrive

    139 available from $197.99
    Billed by company founder Josh Scott as "a study in the Tube Screamer," the JHS Bonsai Overdrive houses nine painstakingly recreated classic OD circuits in one pedal for decades of searing tone in a single compact pedal. Built to the exact specifications of vintage models owned by Josh himself, the Bonsai starts with monoliths like the original TS-808 and TS9 and goes through decades of tonal evolution with surprise options like a Polish Exar OD1 as well as Keeley and JHS fan-favorite modifications. A garden of wonder for any overdrive fanatic.
  • 80

    Benson Amps Preamp Pedal

    77 available from $190
    Bringing together features like the organic warmth of onboard vacuum tubes, hand-wired construction, and streamlined gain/volume/two-band EQ interface that affords a surprising wealth of tonal versatility, the Benson Preamp Overdrive/Distortion is a do-it-all dirt box that adds premium grit to your rig. Built with a circuit based on Benson's much-loved Chimera 30W amp endorsed by players like Ryan Adams, the Preamp is marked by its effortless ability to dial in pristine boost, bluesy overdrive, and even toe the line of throwback fuzz and distortion. A no-nonsense approach to a staple effect using the finest ingredients.
  • 81

    Boss DM-2W Waza Craft Delay Pedal

    114 available from $110
    The Boss Waza Craft series are an all-analog take on classic Boss pedal circuits with a modern refined design. The DM-2W Delay is no exception, featuring an expanded maximum delay time (800 ms) and cleaner analog signal in Custom mode while maintaining the original analog bucket-brigade delay circuitry in Standard mode. With knobs for Repeat Rate, Intensity, and Echo, an expression input to control the Repeat Rate externally, and separate outputs for direct and delay sounds, the DM-2W Delay offers vastly expanded capabilities on the original DM-2 Delay.
  • 82

    Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

    40 available from $99
    The newest offering in a long line of digital delay pedals, the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay offers more delay time, looping ability, a modulated mode and a simulation of the classic Boss DM-2. With stereo outputs and an external expression pedal jack, the DD-7 is mothership-level delay in a reliable, compact Boss box.
  • 83

    Electro-Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Machine

    22 available from $180
    Fans of the distinctive sounds of the Mellotron can rejoice: Electro-Harmonix has released the MEL9, a tape replay machine that emulates some of the Mellotron’s most popular sounds. From “Strawberry Fields” to OK Computer, the Mellotron has graced many of your favorite tracks, and now you can get the keyboard’s flute sounds, clarinet, orchestra, low choir, strings, and more on your pedalboard. With excellent tracking, the MEL9 can handle all of the bends, slides, and even dive bombs you throw at it. Pick your favorite sound, modify it with the Dry, Effect, Attack, and Sustain knobs, and you’ve got yourself some classic Mellotron Vibes, courtesy of the MEL9.
  • 84

    Boss OC-3 Super Octave

    8 available from $110
    When an octave bass accompaniment just isn't enough, the Boss OC-3 Super Octave steps in to sweeten the deal. In addition to the original OC-2 mode allowing for one and two lower octave notes, the OC-3 includes a Drive and Polyphonic mode for overdriven tones and an adjustable polyphonic effect. The OC-3 is used by The Black Keys, Van Halen and Tony Iommi.
  • 85

    Electro-Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff Distortion/Sustainer Reissue

    169 available from $70

    Reviving one of the company's cult favorites in a modern, compact pedal, the Electro-Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff gets you devastating low end and sludgy, searing fuzz with three knobs and a stomp switch.

    • Controls: Volume, Sustain, Tone knobs, stomp switch

    • Other Features: Iconic green chassis, Russian font graphic, true bypass
  • 86

    EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas

    169 available from $115
    A collaboration with Japanese doom legends Boris, the Hizumitas is a recreation of guitarist Wata's favorite Elk Sustainer fuzz. The Big Muff-style circuit is raw and rowdy, with enough gain and distortion to make the earth shake. As much heavy distortion and massive bass response as you desire, with the type of purring sustain you could expect from '70s V1 Triangle Big Muffs.
  • 87

    Boss RC-5 Loop Station

    97 available from $191.54
    The RC-5 is the latest in a popular line of looper pedals. Perfect for songwriting, creative layering, and live performance. It features 99 phrase memories and a whopping 13 hours of stereo recording, ensuring that none of your ideas go unexplored. There are 57 preset rhythms packed into the pedal, as well as seven different drum kits, and promises class-leading sound with 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing. It can easily be synced with DAWs and drum machines thanks to MIDI connectivity.
  • 88

    Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay Reverse Tape Simulator

    54 available from $124.95
  • 89

    Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS7 Isolated Pedalboard Power Supply

    38 available from $85.99
    The Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS7 is a brick-style pedalboard power supply with seven isolated outputs that provide clean, quiet power to 99% of pedals on the market. Four outputs are switchable from 9V to 12V, while the other three outputs can be used for high current (500mA) and high voltage (18V) pedals. All the cables and adapters you might need are included, as is mounting hardware for the popular Pedaltrain boards, making the 1 SPOT Pro CS7 a one-and-done solution for all small or mid-sized pedalboards.
  • 90

    Walrus Audio Mako ACS1 Amp + Cab Simulator

    73 available from $315
    The ACS1 gives you the best of all amp and cabinet sounds in the style of greats like Fender, Marshall, and Vox. For guitarists looking to switch between classic sounds at home, in the studio, or on stage, the ACS1 is a fine-tuned solution that can bring rich breakup, chimy jangle, or full British roar at the flick of a switch.
  • 91

    Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator

    24 available from $250
    While this may look like a plain aluminum box, the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator douses your playing in an ocean of undulating chorus, vibrato, pitch-shifting and more that will keep even the most adventurous pedal head adrift at sea for days on end. Built on the theory of simulation mathematics, the Shallow Water generates a short delay and continually modulates the effect for lush, morphing sound reminiscent of a tape echo traveling through space and time. Watching the demo is an odyssey in and of itself.
  • 92

    Electro-Harmonix The Silencer Noise Gate / Effects Loop Pedal

    90 available from $54.99
    The Electro-Harmonix "The Silencer" is a precision noise gate for single pedals or an entire FX loop with up to -70dB of reduction. Three simple controls for Threshold, Reduction and Release let you fine tune the ceiling and the amount, and then how the gate lets go. Place The Silencer in line with your pedals or use it on your amp's effects loop for control of your entire rig.
  • 93

    Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal

    39 available from $72
    One of Boss' longest running pedals (1987 - present), the DS-2 Turbo Distortion has two modes for either warm distortion or a more biting tone. The remote jack allows for an external foot switch to toggle between modes.
  • 94

    Nobels ODR-1 Mini Analog Overdrive

    54 available from $65
  • 95

    Boss RC-3 Loop Station

    51 available from $115
    The Boss RC-3 Loop Station might be the ultimate tool for solo practice or performance. Whether you need to endlessly practice one section of a song, experiment with how different lines work over each other or hone your improvising chops, the Boss RC-3 can accompany you with rich layers and simple beats for hours on end. Nothing can do it better than this Boss looper.
  • 96

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

    33 available from $109.99
    Packing the same powerful reverbs that made the original a company staple with new features like a pressure-sensitive footswitch, an added Shimmer mode, and two additional user preset slots, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 makes a pedalboard staple even more desirable. Switch on any of the carefully-crafted reverb algorithms like Hall, Plate, or Lofi and control new parameters with the MASH technology by putting pressure on the footswitch to control unique parameters for each effect like swell or presence. There's no way to go wrong with this pedal.
  • 97

    Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

    140 available from $140
    The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler ranks as one of those stompboxes every player should own at some point. With 16 distinct delay modes and onboard looping, the Line 6 DL4 unlocks a rich universe of effects to explore.
  • 98

    Boss BF-3 Flanger

    52 available from $83.90
    A replacement and update of the Boss BF-2, the Boss BF-3 offers two new modes - Ultra and Gate/Pan - to create stereo flanging with greater depth.
  • 99

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    29 available from $85
    Need a single pedal to cover all your reverb needs? Meet the Hall of Fame Reverb from TC Electronic. This stompbox delivers 10 world-class reverbs with the added flexibility of TC's innovative TonePrint system. With this TC Hall of Fame in your rig, there's no limit to the reverb sounds you can unlock and explore.
  • 100

    Fulltone OCD V1 Series 4 Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal

    55 available from $90
    One of the most popular overdrive pedals in the world, the Fulltone OCD pedal is well known for enhancing the natural tones of your guitar and amp while adding a healthy dose of classic grit. The Fulltone OCD began an era of boutique overdrive pedal building, and is an inexpensive addition to any pedalboard. For a slight wicked sparkle or as extra muscle to a stacked chain, the Fulltone OCD is a must-have.
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