Todd Sharp Amplifiers

Amplifier design by a real player - for real players.

Launched in 2016, Todd Sharp Amplifiers are hand-crafted in Nashville, TN. The JOAT Combo, 20RT, 30RT, and 45RT heads and Model A 2x12” speaker cabinet are now available.

JOAT 1x12" COMBO = Jack of all Tone, 20 Watts, Tremolo.
Tubes: (2x) EL84, (2x) 12AX7, 12AU7, 6AU6, 5AR4. Various speaker options

JOAT 20RT = Jack of all Tone, 20 Watts, Reverb/Tremolo.
Tubes: (3x) EL84, (3x) 12AX7, 6AU6, 5Y3.

JOAT 30RT = Jack of all Tone, 30 Watts, Reverb/Tremolo
Tubes: (2x) EL84 and (2x) 6V6, (3x) 12AX7, 6AU6, EL84, 5AR4

JOAT 45RT = Jack of all Tone, 45 Watts, Reverb/Tremolo
Tubes: (2x) EL34 (or KT66 or 6L6), 6AU6, (3x) 12AX7, 12AU7, EL84, 5AR4
Sharp has 40+ years as a first call guitarist with many Rock & Roll greats - and has operated Nashville Amplifier Service since 1994. Visit toddsharpamps.com for more info.