Tobey's Pawn Shop


Many customers ask how we got our start. Truth is, unemployment affected us just as it has many of our customers.

Tobey found himself without a job and a paycheck in March 2011, faced with what to do next. Discovering a growing need for short-term cash (and great deals) in Charlottesville, Tobey decided to try something different.

We strive in provided the best quality customer service and inventory that we can. While we do sell musical instruments and equipment, it's not our only inventory. But that doesn't mean it doesn't get attention. Our in-shop music guy, Dustin, will answer any questions you have to the best of his knowledge, and as quickly as he can, on or off the clock!

We aren't your average pawn shop, and that's our goal. We're in the business to help people; not rip them off. We prefer great customers over great money every day of the week. So give us a shot, and we won't let you down! We're changing pawn.. for good!