Sound Doctorin' analog and digital Keyboard Mall

I'm Bob Weigel and I've been servicing musical electronics as my primary occupation since I moved to Bozeman, MT in 1998. Music Villa will give references or Eckroth Music here.

IGNORE the 'slow ship' nonsense. I wasn't aware of 'vacation mode' first time I was away and someone ordered something they needed before I returned, but also I SHIP MOSTLY VINTAGE REPAIRED GEAR. So I have to re-test before I ship to see if anything oxidized etc. after the initial repair which was sometimes months before it sells. When something has to ship fast I can usually but people normally say 'just give it a good re-testing'. Also at first there was some issue with notifications. not my fault. I answer my phone when I'm home in afternoon/evenings. And usually answer mails unless they're about some ridiculous low ball offer which i may just ignore.

My website has a 'global synthesizer tech ' link that contains a template page for each 'significant' product (and some obscure ones) of the past under the 'production synthesizer' link. There is a page for each synth and a lot of repair tips, modifications, links to schematics and manuals etc.

I also developed a key cross reference so people can tell which keys were used in different units in case a scrap unit comes up for low cost if for instance something gets dropped on a keyboard etc. I've supplied a lot of these parts over the years til google stopped working.

My background includes a BS in Science Education from Oregon State U. in 1983 and most of a Physics program also as I continued at University of Oregon working in Inst. of Molecular Biology for 8 years before pursuing more musical related things in 1993 and spawning Sound Doctorin'.

I sold stuff on the other famous auction site and had flawless feedback with 550 or like that before I sold a 25 dollar ups to someone that said 'as is, I tested without batteries and the lights came on'. The guy never even wrote and just left me a negative and worthless you know who won't remove it even though the guy apologized. So I've decided to take my auctions to this site since we have actual support here that can work through such trivial issues. I work on a lot of vintage analog synthesizer gear in particular and you should be seeing a lot of that listed. Paul Haugen of Righthookmusic is also posting work that I've repaired. WE ALWAYS make things right with people. I go to great lengths to assure that everything is tested before shipping but it's vintage gear. So contact us if you ever have a problem. Even down the road. When you guy from us you have a world class technical service at your disposal to help troubleshoot issues that may come up. And we try to stock a lot of parts that are not commonly available also.