We, SONICAKE, are a bunch of music enthusiastics. We’ve been playing the instruments since forever, and we’ve been loving the instruments since forever. Years ago, the idea of starting a company, that makes quality musical instruments, yet with decent prices, came to us. It took some time to gather the team, and get everything sorted out. And now here we are,SONICAKE!

Nowadays, millions of startups state they are going to make the world a better place. Come on! Let’s face it. It’s a cliche. We can’t promise to make the world a better place. But what we want to do is to AMPLIFY THE SONIC BEAUTY OF THIS WILD WORLD. And we want to it with you, musicians, and music lovers. We hope you can share this vision with us, and help us to make it happen, altogether!

And, at, we offer you premium musical instruments with innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship, and very decent prices, hitting the standardized benchmarks for the professional artists and creators, yet making it approachable for anyone to start playing.

Also, at, we provide all the customers with premium services. We free-ship the products to every corner all around the world; we have a dedicated tech support team, 24-7, 365; last but not least, we offer a 2-year free warranty on all our products.

We are aiming to grow into the No.1 online shopping site in the MI industry. We want people to talk about us like “You know SONICAKE? They are like the Amazon for musicians.” Yeah, we do want to become the Amazon for musicians!