"Premium Analog Audio Equipment Design & Manufacturing"

QES is a US audio equipment manufacturer founded in the NW in 2013 in Port Townsend, WA. Established on engineering expertise, industry experience & intellectual property from decades of research & development, QES has a goal to produce cutting edge, exceptional high quality professional analog audio equipment that in many cases is "unlike anything the world has seen before!" QES products capture the beloved nostalgic effects of analog tape, tube guitar amps, vintage power amps, pre-amps, mixing consoles and more. Unique NEW analog signal processing technologies (including the all NEW "Solid-State-Tube (SST)"™) accomplish state of the art performance while artfully recreating the qualities of older equipment that have been lost in modern mass produced gear. All equipment is designed, engineered and hand built in Port Townsend. Made in USA with a Lifetime Limited Warranty*!

*See website for details.