Precision Setups and Guitars

**Currently Reville (formerly Revv) is going through a minor change in name. Some stock still has the old brand (Revv) on the headstock, and some instruments have the older headstock. There are not a lot of the old stock left, however, until they are filtered through, they are what is shipping out first. If that is a problem, message me first and we can see what we can do.**

Before you get into the guitars and basses I offer, let me tell you a little about myself and why I am doing this.
I am in my late 20's (at the time of writing, 27, but almost 28) and went back to college in the Summer of 2014. Currently my wife is supporting us, but I also started my own guitar and bass repair and setup business to help on occasion. My philosophy with my guitar work is that it should be of the highest quality, while maintaining a price point for beginners and younger players to be able to afford. I want to carry on with that philosophy in offering instruments as well.