Mérida Guitars Factory Outlet

Buy directly from one of the most revered and well-respected, well-hidden names and manufacturers of acoustic and classical guitar in the world!
Mérida Guitars and the factory that bears its name builds guitars for many of the most respected, established and well-known brands in the world.
Mérida Guitars receive an extra measure of quality and setup so that when you receive your guitar, we know you'll recognize it as the very best value available ANYWHERE!
Although the number of blemished, "B-stock" or sales rep demo guitars is very limited, we have assembled on our Reverb page a small collection of our instruments that have been shop adjusted in our Norwalk, Connecticut headquarters.
Every instrument sold here on Reverb has been buffed, cleaned, frets-leveled, peaked, polished, neck adjusted, restrung and tuned! There may be small finish flaws, possibly a small ding or dent here or there, but every instrument has lots of life left and is ready to be picked up. . . . played & loved!