Mercy! Recording Company

Mercy! Recording Company


Mercy! Recording Company is an expertly curated selection of used and vintage recording gear, guitars, amplifiers, and basically anything that passes signal through output better than it came through at input. Anything you find in our shop is what we'd consider to be serious professional tools that we'd have in our own studio, and 10 times out of 10, do currently have in our studio. No junk, no flavor-of-the-month gear made exclusively for people in forums who don't actually make records.

All equipment that passes through our door is rigorously tested and serviced as necessary. Even the Brand New stuff for which we are an authorized dealer. We open and listen to all of it. No shady consignment pieces. If we're selling something, it's because we used it and listened to it and said "damn, that's awesome. We'll be proud to put our name on this."

We are obsessed with customer service and providing the best possible experience for anyone who chooses to do business with us, or even just thinks about doing business with us. So long as we haven't officially fired you as a customer (which is exceedingly rare, but...), you can expect undivided attention from us, whether it's through selecting and purchasing a piece of equipment or just messaging us to shoot the shit and talk about how absolutely awful "blue stripe" 1176s are.

Mercy! Recording Company is run by recording engineers and audio equipment consultants with decades of experience. We honestly don't know how to do anything else correctly -- we tried.

We have a mostly-unconditional return policy for 15 days on all items. Don't like it? This is not a problem. Return it. Doesn't work? This is not a problem. Return it. You broke it? We love you and everything, but that's your problem.