It's Alive!


Hello and thanks for checking out my little corner of the music gear universe. I'm a professional musician and audio engineer. I'm hoping that Reverb might be a good platform to find homes for the extra stuff I have sitting around from time to time. . . I also build, modify, and restore guitars. I often have a surplus of various parts I will put up for sale here. Now and again I might list one of my guitars for sale. In the spirit of my shop name (and motif) they will fall into one of the following categories:

Creatures: Used guitars, repaired, re-worked, hot-rodded, set-up to a great bang-for-buck spec.

Creations: Custom builds using all new parts.

True Monsters: Absolute "Frankensteined" parts-casters that would make Mary Shelley proud.

I'm also happy to announce that some of my Allédyne modified effects pedals will now be available here as well.