Hutchins Guitars

Hutchins Guitars and Basses (HG Musik)
Est. 2006
Retro sexy guitars for today's players.
Based in Sussex in the UK.

The Guitar Company

Hutchins Guitars is an independently owned artisan guitar company based in Sussex, UK with a workshop in the historical town of Bubenreuth, Germany. The base team, comprising of Gary Hutchins, Graham Stockley, Laura Libricz and Gerd Schaller are committed to quality and design. All aspects of production are monitored to ensure the highest quality possible. From the Chinese and Korean made ranges to the German hand built Custom guitars, every effort is made to give the customer the best possible playing experience. All Hutchins guitars are small run, limited or special editions, there are no mass produced guitars here!

“We make great looking guitars, pieces of art that you can play“. Retro sexy is the idea behind the designs, these are modern guitars with a great sound and feel but with a nod to the classic designs of the past, especially the 1950s and 60s. The whole team are avid lovers of the guitar as a piece of art, an object of beauty as well a fantastic instrument for artistic expression. Gary and Graham have collected classic electric guitars for many years and appreciate what they represent, the thought behind the design, the many varied sounds of the guitar and the image of the guitar hero as perceived in modern culture.

Gary has been involved in the music industry for most of his life starting with his own record label, Safe Records, before moving into band management and music production. “I have had the great pleasure if working with incredibly talented people my whole life.”