Golden State Music Supply



My name is Justin and I am the owner of Golden State Music Supply. We are a small shop located in Northern California, but we currently only do business online (hopefully that changes soon). Our goal is to bring you great products at affordable prices and always do right by the customer. I’m a huge supporter of Police, Military, Fire, and EMS ( I have been an EMT and Paramedic for a combined 14 years), and we will always take care of them with a discount.

So that's the basics, but you may be wondering why I would start a music business and give myself a part-time job? Well, the simple answer would be I love music and have always wanted to be apart of the culture and industry. You see, around where I live, there are a few mom and pop shops and a few of those giant corporate guitar stores (I think we know who I’m talking about here). The mom and pop shops are great, but they mainly cater to beginners, lessons and school bands. This is fine but there wasn't much for the intermediate to advance player.

Now, the mega stores, of course, had more selection and products. Their issue is horrible customer service and staff who cant tell the difference between a kazoo and a drum kit. So one day my brother and I were jamming on some acoustic guitars and talking about this topic. My brother is a far better guitar player than I will ever be, but that's for another day. Anyway, he said it would be cool to have a music shop where people could come to hang jam, try gear and just have a welcoming and fun experience. Kind of like the Friends coffee shop but with more guitars lol.

So I started doing research, found good products from good companies and started selling them on reverb.com. I created our Shopify website, www.gsmusicsupply.com, and finished all the legal mumbo jumbo that would allow me to operate as a business. Now you’re all caught up on the start of the business!

So long story short we are going to build an amazing business where musicians get the gear they need at great prices. Ultimately, with your help, we will be able to open our shop and have a cool hang out for you to try gear. I will update this blog as often as I can and I also will be doing product reviews in the future.

Thank you for your support and rock on!


Golden State Music Supply