Goat Whiskey Picks


Goat Whiskey Picks are high performance, premium handmade flat picks and thumb picks. The flat picks are handmade from a high performance industrial plastic that hasn't been used in the guitar pick industry previously. The hybrid thumb picks combine the comfort and stability of a thumb pick with the dexterity, quality and tone of a premium flat pick. Exactly what you have been looking for to take your fingerpicking / hybrid approach to the next level without any sacrifice of tone from a good, quality flat pick.

Thumb pick thickness is about 1.3mm (they start out as a 1.5mm blank before shaping and finishing) except for the Special Run Tusq and Skinny Bear series picks which finish out about 0.90mm.

The brown Premium pick is bright and full. It's the most articulate pick I make. Great for flat picking and single note runs.

The Premium Special Run Tusq pick is also full and clear but with more of a vintage tone. If you have a vintage voiced guitar this pick will bring out the nuances of the vintage tone the best. Fingerstyle players find this one to be the closest tone to a fingernail.

The Deluxe series matte black is warm and full and is perfect for players that incorporate a lot of strumming into their playing. Fingerstyle players that use more flesh than nail find that this pick matches their tone very well.

The Deluxe series red pearl pick is bright and full with a warmness that will remind you of some of the old classic confetti picks we've all loved at some point. Made from an extra durable and low noise compound. It's also my most attractive in appearance.

The flat picks are warm and clear tonally and really bring out the wood sound of your guitar. After a few hours of playing you'll see a shiny glaze on the leading edges of the pick. This is the lubrication factor of the plastic and at that point this will become one of the fastest picks you've ever used.