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EarCandyCabs.com office hours are:
10am until 5pm Monday through Thursday.
10am until 4pm on Fridays, central standard time.
We are closed Saturday and Sunday as well as all national holidays.
Holiday hours will be posted in news articles to keep everyone informed.

We look forward to serving you in an efficient and professional manner.

***A quick note about our cab build wait time***.
We are a thorough shop that insists on taking time to build something that will never need to be replaced. With up to 70 builds going at any given time, we start things in batches and then focus and concentrate on single builds to perfection. Our wait time is 21 days, at this time, our wait time is not negotiable due to our builder’s quality standards. We build the highest quality cabs money can buy and we do not cut corners. We do not take build quality lightly and are honored when folks use our gear. Please message us with any questions or to see if what you are looking for would be in our ready to ship now stock. Thank you for reading this!

A quick note about USPS shipping and tracking:
We ship our small items the same or next day. Our post office is small, often overwhelmed and understaffed. Even after our shipments have been picked up and scanned, they will not track for up to 24-36 hours. Sometimes the Reverb.com shipping progress meter never updates past “status unknown” or “Label created”. If you click on “Purchases” under your menu icon, you will see all the items you have purchased here on reverb. In the lower left-hand corner of each purchase window, you will see a shipping status link, right click on that, then click on “open link in new tab”. This will open a new reverb page that will show your tracking number, left click on that and it will take you directly to the USPS website which will show you the status of your shipped item. Please keep in mind, this is often approximately 24-48 hours behind the actual tracking / location of your item.

If you check our feedback, you will see we ship all of our items as quickly as possible. We ask that you please refrain from sending status questions as it does delay your order as well as the orders of others. When it ships, you will be notified with live tracking, and if you ordered a cabinet we send a few pictures of your actual order.
Our goal is to pack and ship the highest quality items as quickly as possible. Technical emails will be answered daily. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have an order with us, it is being worked on.

Our gear is scientifically hand made with the highest quality components money can buy. Including tone woods, speakers made in the USA, and a choice of options to personalize your tone, personality and presentation. Every piece of our gear is created with road worthy experienced artistic application & functional perfection.

All of our guitar and bass speaker cabs have been in our product line up for over a decade. We do not use staples, glue and multi ply mystery wood. All of our guitar and bass cabs and speakers were designed by our lead design engineer, Tim. He will try to answer all of your technical questions here on Reverb.

Our Guitar and bass speaker cabs have been in use by professional level and celebrity level musicians for years all over the world. We do not offer custom dimensions or variations on the options available. Please feel free to message us here through Reverb.Com with any questions about our products.

Ear Candy has been building and selling gear for musicians around the world for over a decade. Our cabs have a lifetime warranty on parts, workmanship and technical advice pertaining to the use of our products. Our proprietary designs set us apart both in looks and tone. When You need the best, you can rely on our tried and tested cab designs to deliver the best tone you have ever had.

We do our best to ship our accessory items within 24 hours or less from the time the payment clears.

Shipping & handling:
Small items ship the same business day if ordered before 12pm CST.
We use USPS mail which is usually a 3-5 day ship time.
We do not profit from shipping and combine shipping when possible
For Cabinets, please notice the pre build status.
We ship all of our cabs with UPS ground.
You will receive a tracking number well before the cab ships.

Our warranty:
Our cabs are,
warrantied for life against:
Material defects
Manufacturing defects
Common use
Wear & tear
Reasonable abuse / touring / road use
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shipping & handling:
Small items ship the same business day if ordered before 12pm CST.
We use USPS mail which is usually a 2- 3-day ship time.
We do not profit from shipping and combine shipping when possible.
We ship all our cabs with UPS ground.
You will receive a tracking number well before the item ships.

Our return policy:
All of our cabs are built to order and no returns are accepted.
ALL items are inspected & tested before being packed for shipping.
Of our items have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.
Shipping costs are non-refundable and nonnegotiable.

Contacting EarCandy:
Messages are answered same day except nights, weekends and
holidays. Messages about items on Reverb MUST be sent through
reverb. We greatly appreciate your business.
It is our goal to provide outstanding service.
It is our goal to provide the highest quality products to our clients.

We thrive on providing excellent customer service.
Your feedback is extremely important to us
We will leave feedback for you after we receive feedback from you.
If we have not given you 5-star service, please let us know immediately so we may rectify the situation for you and earn your return business & 5-star rating.

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