Dragon Guitars

Dragon Guitars


I have been playing, buying, selling, and repairing/upgrading guitars for 40 years.

We are a simple, 2-person / family shop - we don't have financing, returns, refunds, or take credit cards.

As a collector and player, I sometimes go through periods of selling my own personal guitars. My tastes constantly change so I have a diverse stock right now.

Dings or marks (if any) will be pointed out in the listing and photos to the best of my ability.

I have had all kinds of experiences buying and selling on line...I have references.

I will do whatever I can to provide a smooth, pain-free experience for you.

I personally will pack your guitar extremely well and keep you fully informed with photos and emails during the packing and shipping process.

Visit the "DragonGuitars" Facebook page and our Dragon-Guitars.com web site if you like.

Please contact us to be notified of new items, price cuts, discounts, as well as additional item info. New items may appear on our Facebook page and our web site first...

You can also use the Reverb "Contact Seller" feature.

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