I've been selling on eBay for many years (since 2007) only when I need to.
Due to having to wait for money, even though my feedback is 100%, The listing fees + selling fees are over 10% at times, so I've come here to Reverb!

I sell mostly drum and musical supplies that I treat very well.
I don't smoke. I have no pets, and I never sell stuff I've gigged with.
You'll most likely see items only if I need the money, or if I've changed my mind and want to buy something else. I ship using FedEx, insurance and I package items very well for secure shipping. Cheers!

FYI the shop site link is my personal website for those whom want to follow what I'm about to do on youtube which is upload drum covers and Vlogs about drums and music etc.! I put up an old "busy" video of me covering a Bruno Mars song just for fun. Cheers!