Decided I wanted to repair a loop on an old neck strap back in 1987, and it turned into this. Began reproducing the neck strap I was repairing and found out there was quite a demand for the vintage style shoulderpad strap. My first effort was pretty embarassing and I hope no photos of these ever turn up! Things soon started to look better and the strap was eventually refined to what you see here. I try to make the highest quality leather strap possible, and charge as little as possible. Unfortunately, leather costs and other costs associated with producing these straps, have gone up quite a lot, so $45 is the best price I can offer at the moment. These straps are made with the highest quality leather that I am able to find. I am currently importing directly from the tannery in England for the strap section, and using the highest quality American leather for the shoulderpad. I have been told that the lifespan of a Cornhusker strap is 20 years, by one of my longtime customers