Clint's Vintage Gear Garage


My name is Clinton and I have been playing guitar since the late 1970’s as a teenager, and I also collect, play and buy/sell some analog keyboard polyphonic synths since the early 80’s. I have been buying and selling on my Reverb Store- CLINT’S VINTAGE GEAR GARAGE for over 5 years since March 2014, and I started buying/selling music gear/guitars, guitar amps, synths, effects pedals, etc. online on eBay in 1998. I am downsizing most of my personal collection of assorted quality vintage brand name music gear, that includes some classic keyboard analog synthesizers, guitar amps, and effects pedals, etc., now due to some health issues, lifestyle changes, and aging, etc. etc. However, I am still interested in the buying/selling of certain brand name vintage quality music gear online, so please feel free to contact me through messages at my Reverb Store. My main proclivity at my age now is more towards the buying/selling of vintage nice to excellent quality electric guitars mostly. I still travel around some albeit in a limited capacity wheeling and dealing, and in search of quality vintage guitars and certain vintage music gear, and I attend a couple of the dwindling guitar shows a year. My email contact since 2001 is Clinker1@kc.rr.com please continue to peruse my Reverb Store for quality vintage guitars, and other mostly vintage quality music gear items added consistently!