BULL and BEAR GUITAR STRAPS: The Bull and Bear Guitar Straps, Hangers, and Separators were inspired by arranging music for many different instrument combinations, and a desire for multi-neck instrument capabilities. For more options I hooked-up instruments that were already about. The invention works fantastically well and I am now looking for folks to buy our product and/or collaborate with to develop a niche, but sizeable market that will be sustainable for eternity .

CONTACT US with your thoughts, ideas, interests, pictures, and all other exciting comments about our product(s). We especially like to get your feedback about how you might play/arrange music using two instruments at the same time!

The double-neck community is a very interesting and intelligent group of musical talent that is now able to get involved with our history making product! Here at we are having a lot of fun and want to share our experiences/plans/ideas/fun on this newly evolving phenomenon.

Please note that you do not have to be an advanced player to use and enjoy this simple and effective tool in the guitarists toolbox. Like the capo, bottleneck slide, and wha-wha pedal - The Bull and Bear Guitar Strap should be present in all guitarists gig bag!