BlueHaus Mallet Shop

BlueHaus builds keyboard percussion mallets for students, educators, and performers of all experience levels. With years of music education and performance expertise built into each design, it is our pleasure to offer four fantastic product lines – Primary Performer, Concert Master, Contemporary Artist, and Multi-Mallets. Using carefully selected building materials, BlueHaus Mallets have the professional tone and feel that comes with premium handcrafted quality.

Our Story
I have always had a keen interest in making keyboard percussion mallets. And, as a high school and college student I made many of my own marimba and vibraphone mallet designs and wrapped them by hand. When I began teaching, it's a skill I taught to my students as well. The process is slow and not for the faint of heart. Hand wrapping mallets is a labor of love, and the tie-off step demands utter commitment!

In 2006 I was introduced to Wade Winchip (now my father-in-law) and the work that he had done since 1998 in making percussion keyboard mallets with different handle materials, cast rubber heads, and machine wrapping. Machine wrapping makes a more professional finish, but it also means a large increase in wrapping yarn tension, making the tie-off even harder.

Flash forward to 2013 and "Let's ramp this up a notch."

Over many coffee shop meetings at Caffe Nero in Motor City - Dubai, We outlined the precepts to make the next leap forward in our mallet design and production. Key among them:

* Durable, vibrant, high-quality materials
* Ideal balance and feel for optimum tone production
* Innovative production techniques coupled with practical design
* Excellent price point for budget-minded students, educators, and performers

In the Spring of 2014 work began on a new set of machines to achieve these goals and I am proud to say that mallets from BlueHaus are among the finest, most durable, and budget friendly percussion mallets on the maker market. With innovations like our carbon fiber core handles, proprietary wrap and tie system, and unique customer design interface, the mallet shop of BlueHaus Music is changing the landscape of the percussion mallet making and playing world.

In May of 2017, BlueHaus premiered the world's finest custom percussion mallet design and build websites for students, performers, and educators. Players have control over every critical design specification - Head Shape, Weight, Hardness, Articulation, Handle, Length, and Wrap Color. And, one can see the mallet come together and hear how it sounds on marimba and vibraphone.