BadAxe Boutique


BadAxe Boutique is located in the heart of North Carolina in Greensboro. Opening its doors in 2015, this family owned and operated music store has one mission in mind: to provide customers with outstanding gear at exceptional prices and great customer service. BadAxe Boutique carries a wide range of guitars, basses, effects, amplifiers and accessories to help equip today's demanding musicians. BadAxe Boutique specializes in electric instruments but offers some acoustic and folk instruments and accessories as well! When considering buying a new instrument or a timeless classic, trust the professionals at BadAxe Boutique to assist you with your needs! Each instrument passes through a rigorous inspection and quality assurance to give peace of mind to the buyer. BadAxe Boutique is an authorized dealer of the following brands:

Aguilar | Bogner | Dr. Z | Epifani | Supro | Top Hat | Fender | EVH | Paul Reed Smith | Eden | Marshall | TC Electronic | Germino | Greer Amps | Boss | Roland | NU-X | Pre-Owned & Consignment |

Fender | Paul Reed Smith | Nash Guitars | MJT | Warwick | Ernie Ball Music Man | Don Grosh | ESP/LTD | Jackson | Gretsch | Framus | EVH | Charvel | Roscoe | Hamer | Hagstrom | Supro | Pre-Owned & Consignment

TC Electronic | Strymon | Red Witch | Pigtronix | MXR | Korg | Keeley | JHS | Earthquaker Devices | Empress Effects | Digitech | Crowther Audio | Dunlop | Aguilar | Dr. Z | Greer Amps | Walrus Audio | Xotic Effects | Supro | Ernie Ball | Jetter Gear | Electro-Harmonix | Eden | J. Rockett | Boss | Roland

Mogami | Lollar Pickups | Gator Pedalboards | Lava Cables | Gator Cases | Ernie Ball | Lindy Fralin Pickups | Levy's Guitar Straps | Franklin Guitar Straps | EVH Guitar Accessories | RockBoard | NU-X | Swiff | Boss | Roland |

Please contact us with any offers or special requests. We can do various custom orders through any of our authorized dealers. So if you see something you like but want it tweaked to your liking, get in touch with us!

*We are a "Brick and Mortar" Store. Our hours are Tuesday-Friday (11:00 AM-6:00 PM); Saturday (10:00 AM- 5:00 PM) EST.

Layaway and financing through Reverb now available! Message for details on a specific product!

Now shipping select products internationally!
-Message our staff for details.