Welcome to my personal Reverb store. I sell a mix of used retail Eurorack modules, used retail audio devices, and custom modules or kits built to a professional standard.


I offer a competitive build service. If you have a module or device you want built, simply send me a message including:
The module or device you want built
Desired deadline
Whether you already have a kit or parts the need assembly
- or -
Desired front panel/case, dials, sliders and controls

I will respond with scheduling and pricing information as well as any further questions I may have. There is no obligation to pay unless you are happy with the offer and wish to proceed.

Build pricing is based on estimated time, complexity and typical retail value. The actual price will be negotiated up front and depends on your requirements. A base rate of £50 is added to all builds and does not include parts cost. Payment must be made in full prior to building.

Example build prices:
Music Thing Modular - Radio Music:
Parts: £70
Build: £60
Total (excl. VAT): £130

Mutable Clouds (or uBurst):
Parts: £70
Build: £100
Total (excl. VAT): £170

All builds include a 24 hour burn in period between two testing sessions to confirm full working order prior to packing and shipping.


For all custom builds, I offer a lifetime guarantee and will repair, for free, any faults the module may develop due to deficiencies in manufacturing (for example, abnormal or incorrect behavior, inputs/outputs not functioning), provided the module is returned in acceptable condition.

Repairs due to excess damage (for example, physically damaged or missing components due to falling damage, or obvious signs of stress) are not covered by this guarantee, but are available at competitive rates:
The first 30 minutes is free.
Repairs taking longer than 30 minutes are changed at £30 per hour, non-divisible.

Please note that in cases of extreme damage (for example structural damage to a PCB) it may not be feasible to execute a repair satisfactorily. I will aim to recognise this during the first (free) 30 minutes so that you are not charged.

I currently do not offer a repair service for retail modules or audio gear - however, if you have built your own kit and it's not working, feel free to drop me a message and I may be able to help out or offer a repair.