At ACME we offer a variety of New, Used, Reconditioned & Vintage Amplifiers, Effects, Instruments, Speakers, Tubes, Parts and Accessories.

Our goal is to help you translate the Tone in your head, and dreams, into the ears of your audience. With over 60 years of experience on stage, in front of the stage, in the Sound Crew and in the workshop we have the ability to just that.

We are not a "brick & mortar" store so that offers us the flexibility to be unrestrained by a physical space to offer a wide variety of products. In addition to here on Reverb you can find us at Guitar Shows or industry events under the A.C.M.E. banner.

Trivia question! Do you know what A.CM.E. stands for? When you see us at a Show let us know your guess!

We are contemplating which Guitar Shows we'll be attending in 2019. We'll be at these three for sure;

* Northeast Guitar Expo, April 7th, in Wallingford, CT. - attended for the first time last Spring and we had a great show.
* Capital Region Guitar Show, April 12th & 13th, in lovely Saratoga Springs, NY - this has consistently been a very good show for the last 30 years and we will definitely be there.
* Summer Philly , July 13th & 14th, in Oaks, PA - smaller and less of a crowd than the Fall show but still worth attending.
* Fall Philly (date T.B.A.) -
* CNY Guitar Show is back after a two year absence and at a new larger Venue in Syracuse, NY (date T.B.A.) - email Noel @ cnyguitar@gmail.com for details!

Email us with any questions so we can assist you.