Acacia Guitars Official Site

Some info about Acacia Guitars: Acacia Guitars was founded by brothers Scott and Greg Lienhard. Along with our brothers Jack and Tom, we have created a company that is hardly seen today - a family business that works together to make high quality instruments right here in San Diego, California. We pride ourselves on a true USA made instrument. There are too many companies, both new & old that outsource for production, sourced by the same factories that make instruments for many companies. After a while – they tend to all look, sound & feel the same. Acacia Guitars on the other hand are only made by us, again, right in our USA shop in San Diego, California. Each instrument we make is 100% handcrafted in our shop by us, so the look & feel are expertly crafted to the highest standards, tolerances & quality. Only an Acacia Guitar will ever feel like an Acacia Guitar, making it truly unique, and truly custom! Plus, being in Southern California, we have the unique opportunity of having our suppliers and resources close which lets us select the highest quality woods that go into our guitars and basses.