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Epiphone SoCal 50 50W valve amp.

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Here we have a lovely Epiphone SoCal 50 50W tube head. The amp is switchable 25/50W. Clean and drive channel with a very versatile tone stack and quite a tasty reverb.

It works very well with pedals especially through the clean channel but gets nice and dirty on the driven channel. See the demo in the youtube link for some sample sounds. The internal build quality is good. 2x El34s provide the power and there's a good range of outputs on the back.

It matches well with both single coils and humbuckers and has a surprisingly vintage tone. The contour feature on the drive channel adds a unique twist to the tone shaping and when used in conjunction with the rest of the tone controls you have a wide range of character in one box.

I'll be sorry to see it go but its not getting the use it deserves. For anyone considering something like a new bassbreaker this is a great alternative. Beats most of the new modeling amps hands down for sheer musicality.

Ideally collection in person but potentially we can arrange for shipping.

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