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Yamaha Club Custom 2012 Blue Swirl.

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Yamaha Club Custom in Blue Swirl

10"x7", 14"x13", 22"x15" Shell Kit

Kapur Shells (6 ply / 7mm) with a unique textured ribbon lacquer

These shells are in mint condition and the set was put together from orphan shells that I have been collecting for the past few years. Mint shape.

10/14/22 is an uncommon and killer size configuration. Could use for just about any style of music. They sound fantastic....with a nod to 'vintage' sounds. Yamaha resonant heads all around and Evans EC2 on the toms with a Remo clear PS3 on the bass drum batter. 

Yamaha has long discontinued these excellent drums, made in Japan at the Sakae factory.  

* Edit : Since single ply coated heads sound best on club customs - I installed new Aquarian Textured Single Ply heads on the toms. See last picture. 

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