Epiphone Sheraton II 1995 Natural

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $415$560

The Sheraton was introduced into the Epiphone lineup after Gibson took over the company in 1957. Unlike the Casino, the Sheraton is a semi-hollowbody with a wood center-block similar to the Gibson ES-335. In the mid-'90s, Epiphone introduced the Sheraton II which is differs from the original in its use of a stopbar tailpiece. Some players consider Epiphone workmanship to have improved in recent years, so earlier Sheraton IIs are are worth less than the newest examples. 

Years of Production: 1993 - present

Body Style: Semi-hollowbody double cutaway

Design Elements: Dual humbuckers, stopbar tailpiece, Tune-o-matic bridge 

Notable Players: Ted Leo, Noel Gallagher, Tom Delonge 

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