Silvertone 1448 With Case Amp 1960s Black

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  • $350$575

Starting in the mid-'50s, many guitars bearing the Silvertone brand name were produced by Danelectro. Silvertone was the in-house brand of Sears and were marketed as starter instruments. The 1448 included a single pickup guitar with an amplifier built right into the case. Later, Silvertone distributed a two-pickup version with a louder amp as the 1449. Having the amp case intact with the guitar is very important for collectors. 

Years of Production: 1962 - 1968

Body Style: Double cutaway solidbody

Design Elements: Single lipstick pickup, dot inlays, volume and tone control, six-on-a-side headstock

Amp Features: Two power tubes, one tube rectifier, five-inch speaker, gain control

Notable Silvertone Players: Beck, Mick Jagger, Jack White

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