Rickenbacker 325 1966 Fireglo

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $8,000$12,000

Rickenbacker models with the designations 310, 320 or 325 were all short-scaled semi-hollowbodies produced as early as 1958. The 320 was the three-pickup entry in the line, and the 325 was the 320 with a vibrato tailpiece. Initially built without any kind of soundhole, the 325 was given a single F-hole in 1964.

Years of Production: 
1958 - 1974

Body Style: Double cutaway semi-hollowbody

Wood Composition: Maple back and sides, three-ply Maple/Walnut neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: White pickguard, dot inlays, five control knobs, three toaster-top pickups, vibrato tailpiece  

Finish Specification: Fireglo was a standard finish for Rickenbackers in the '60s.

Notable Players: John Lennon

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