Mosrite Ventures 1966 Sunburst

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  • $2,440$3,565

The Mosrite Ventures guitar was the result of a deal made between Mosrite founder, Semie Moseley and surf-rock band, The Ventures. Moseley built the Ventures guitars from 1963 until 1967 when his arrangement with The Ventures ended. The Ventures guitar is characterized by a slim neck, high-output pickups, and its unique double cutaway body shape. Moseley also incorporated innovative vibrato systems into many of his designs including the “vibramute” of the mid-’60s. While the Mosrite brand and Venture guitar have been reintroduced at different points since, the original generation from the ‘60s are by far the most collectable.  

Years of Production: 
1963 - 1967

Unique to this Year: 
Volume and Tone knobs now have V and T labels. Tailpiece now labeled as "Moseley" instead of "Vibramute."

Body Style:
 Double cutaway 

Design Elements:
 Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, vibra-mute tremolo system, 24 1/2-inch scale, Rosewood fingerboard, chrome plated control knobs.

Notable Players: Johnny Ramone, Kurt Cobain, The Ventures, Pat Smear 

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