Gibson ES-295 1953 Gold

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $5,795$8,965

The Gibson ES-295 was introduced in 1952 at a purchase price of just under $300. Made famous by Scotty Moore, who played for Elvis Presley, the 295 is a versatile stage guitar with a gleaming, gold lacquer finish and a floral pickguard design. The ES-295 actually shares a trajectory of innovation similar to the Les Paul. Both models, for example, switched from P-90 to humbucker pickups in 1957.  Examples with humbuckers are worth more to collectors. 

Years of Production: 1952 - 1959

Body Style: 
Hollowbody cutaway

Design Elements: 
Florentine cutawy, Floral pickguard, Dual P-90s, Double parallelogram inlays, Trapeze tailpiece

Notable Players: 
Scotty Moore

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