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Gibson ES-150 1955 Sunburst

  • Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $1,900$2,400

Transaction History

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Date Source Condition Asking Final
Aug 2015 Reverb Very good $2,249 $2,150
Dec 2012 CME $2,900 $2,600
Nov 2011 CME Very good $2,995 $2,645

As one of Gibson's first successful Electric Spanish (ES) guitars, the ES-150 was groundbreaking instrument in many ways. Like many Gibson guitars the ES-150 experienced a stoppage in production during World War II, and was reintroduced in 1946 with a number of changes. Most notably, the original blade or "Charlie Christian" pickup was replaced with a P-90.

Years of Production: 1936 - 1942, 1946 - 1956

Wood Composition: Maple body, Rosewood fingerboard

Body Style: Non-cutaway archtop hollowbody

Design Elements: 
P-90 pickup, dot inlays, bound top and back

Notable Players: Charlie Christian, Jimmy Raney

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