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Fender Concert Amp 1964 Blackface

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  • $1,000$2,000

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Feb 2014 Ebay Excellent $1,017 $1,017

The Fender Concert amp was a 2-channel, 4 by 10-inch combo with onboard vibrato. This amp's circuitry is very similar to that of the Vibrasonic but features a different tube complement. In its first year, the tolex used on the Concert amp changed somewhat: originally the brown had a pinkish tint, before switching to a darker shade of brown by 1961. After 1963, this amp used Fender's Blackface cabinet style. 

Years of Production: 
1960 - 1965

Features: 40-watts, 4 by 10-inch speakers, eight  control knobs, vibrato

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