Fender Bass V 1967 Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $2,285$3,610

Consider the first 5-string bass guitar, the Fender Bass V was a peculiar experiment by the Fender design time in the mid-'60s that never really caught on. While this bass had a normal 34-inch scale, it only had 15 frets which made it awkward to play for many bassists. Additionally, unlike contemporary 5-string basses, the Bass V's extra string was a high C on the bottom side of the guitar. While never popular in its day, the limited number of Bass Vs produced make it of some interest to collectors. 

Years of Production: 
1965 - 1970

Unique to this Year: 
Block inlays starting in mid-1966

Body Style: 
Offset solidbody

Wood Composition: 
Alder body, veneer Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: 
Split-coil pickup, volume and tone control knobs, unique high-C string

Finish Specification: Sunburst was a standard finish for Fender in 1967. Rare colors are more collectable. 

Notable Players: John Paul Jones

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