Marshall Super Bass 1968 Black

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  • $1,935$3,645

The Super Bass 1987 was released as a high-watt bass counterpart to the iconic 1959 Super Lead. Although intended for the bass, this amp was also used by a number of guitarists who appreciated its somewhat less driven tonal character. Like the Super Lead guitar amp, a major transition point in the progression of the Super Bass came in mid-1969 when the faceplate was changed from plexiglass to brushed aluminum. Also in this year, Marshall changed from KT66 to EL34 power tubes.

Years of Production: 1966 - 1981

Unique to this Year: Last year with plexiglass faceplate and KT66 power tubes.

Electronics: 100 watts, four x KT66 power tubes

Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 1, Volume 2

Notable Players: Lemmy Kilmister, Gary Moore

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