Ampeg SVT Head 1969 Black

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Introduced in 1969, the Ampeg SVT was an absolutely revolutionary amplifier, pushing an unprecedented 300 watts through an 8 by 10 cabinet. The SVT has gone through a number of design changes over the years, but remains an unmistakable part of touring rigs and backlines for generations of musicians though the first model ceased production in 1985. The earliest SVT heads are characterized by silver grill faces, black tolex, and blue text.

Years of Production: 1969 - 1985

Unique to this year: For most of 1969, SVT heads shipped with 6146B power-tubes that were replaced by more stable tubes the next year. Early SVTs also feature blue text and lines on the control face.

Electronics: 300 watts, two channels, four inputs (two bright, two normal, 2/4 ohm output  

Controls:  Volume, treble, bass on both channels, midrange on channel 1

Notable SVT Players: The Rolling Stones, Les Claypool, Bootsy Collins

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