Martin D-28 1969 Natural

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Though not as rare or prized as pre-war Martin Dreadnoughts, D-28s from the '60s remain outstanding acoustic instruments. The folk music explosion of the early '60s brought a gradual increase in Martin production throughout the decade, but quality remained extremely stable. In 1969, Martin began to switch from Brazilian to Indian Rosewood for the back and sides of the D-28. This marks a major turning point for D-28 production.  

Years of Production: 1931 - present 

Specific to this Year: End of Brazilian Rosewood as standard. Some variation within year, but by 1970, Indian Rosewood is the norm. 

Body Style: Dreadnought 

Wood Composition: Indian Rosewood back and sides (still Brazilian on some guitars), Sitka Spruce top, 1-piece mahogany neck

Notable Players: Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley 

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