Gibson EDS-1275 1964 Sunburst

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  • $12,000$15,000

While not the first doubleneck guitar Gibson built, the EDS-1275 is certainly the most iconic. This 6-string/12-string combo was produced in small quantities from 1958 until production ceased in 1968. Originally a thinline hollowbody, this model was redesigned in late 1962 to look more like a contemporary SG. Production ceased in 1968, but an upsurge in popularity sparked by players like Jimmy Page prompted Gibson to reintroduce the EDS-1275 in 1974.

Years of Production: 1958 - 1968, 1974 - 1991, 1995 - present

Wood Composition: Mahogany body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Body Style: Doubleneck, double cutaway

Design Elements: Tune-o-matic bridges, dual humbuckers for each neck, four control knobs, split parallelogram inlays  

Notable Players: Jimmy Page, Don Felder, John McLaughlin

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