Fender American Standard Stratocaster 1998 Black

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $700$950

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $700$950

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Jul 2015 Reverb Excellent $950 $700
Aug 2014 Reverb Very good $900 $800
Apr 2013 CME Very good $795 $700
Apr 2013 Reverb Excellent $795 $700

The Fender Startocaster is arguably the most popular electric guitar ever designed. In 1981, the American-made Stratocaster was renamed the Standard Stratocaster to avoid confusion with other models. In 1986, it was renamed the American Standard Stratocaster followed by American Series Stratocaster is 2000 and then the American Standard Series Stratocaster in 2008. In most cases, all of these Stratocasters can simply be referred to as the American Standard Stratocaster. As Fender's primary production Stratocaster, this model has stayed largely the same since the early '80s. Many variations have been produced under different headings such as the American Standard HSS or the American Standard Hardtail. 

Years of Production: 1954 - present

Body Style: Double cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition: Alder body, Maple fingerboard, Maple neck

Design Elements:  Three single-coil pickups, five-way pickup selector, dot inlays, white pickguard

Finish Specification: While most American Standards use a Alder body, those with lighter finishes like Blonde often feature an Ash body.

Notable Stratocaster Players: Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton