PPG Wave 2

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  • $6,800$7,500

The PPG Wave 2 is the legendary 1980's digital/analog hybrid machine that inspired generations of synths to come. The Wave 2 featured digital oscillators capable of producing up to 8000 unique waveforms modified by analog filter and amplifier circuits. The PPG wave also featured 8-voice polyphony, and 8-track sequencer and a panel featuring 21 parameter knobs and a digital read out that contained patch storage. The PPG Wave 2 is significant in that it was a pioneering effort in wavetable synthesis. 

Wave 2 : '81-'82, featured 8 oscillators per voice, 8 bit resolution, CEM based filter

Wave 2.2: '82-'82, featured 16 oscillators per two voice with 8 bit resolution, SSM based filter

Wave 2.3: '84 - '84, featured 16 oscillators per two voice, 12 bit resolution, SSM based filter

Notable Players: Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre

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