Mutable Instruments Elements

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $315$360

The Mutable Instruments Elements is a full synthesizer voice based on modal synthesis and physical modeling bringing a completely unique and original take on the traditional synth voice. At its core, Elements main engine is compromised of 3 sections, an Exciter to emulate bowing textures, a Blowing section, and a Striking section for percussive elements. These sources, as well as external audio sources all go through a processing section of a modal filter bank and a  section of 64 tuned band-pass filters emulating resonant structures such s plates, strings, tubes, etc.  Additionally, there is a dampening section and reverberator for further sound animation. Due to its complex and open-ended nature with nearly every parameter under voltage control, Elements can deliver an extremely wide variety of sounds emulating percussive and natural elements and also new and unique synthesized sounds never available before in Eurorack.

Specs: 34HP, 130mA +12V / 10mA -12V

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