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Fender Pro Reverb 1979 Silverface

  • Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $850$1,150

Transaction History

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Date Source Condition Asking Final
May 2015 Reverb Very good $795 $795
Apr 2015 Reverb Fair $1,099 $1,000
May 2014 Ebay Very good $200 $710
May 2014 Ebay Non functioning $299 $304
Apr 2014 Ebay Good $600 $731
Apr 2014 Ebay Good $199 $597
Apr 2014 Ebay Excellent $500 $680

The Pro (originally called the Professional) is one of Fender's oldest amp designs. Like other Fender amps, the Pro evolved in the '50s and '60s with different cabinet styles. In the mid-'60s the Pro was replaced by the Pro Reverb, and the design was changed to the Silverface style in 1973.  

Years of Production: 
1965 - 1982

Electronics: 2 x 15-inch speaker, 40 or 70 watts (later models)

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