Ernie Ball Music Man Classic StingRay 5 2010s Standard

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Music Man is the penultimate company created by Leo Fender in 1974 alongside the founders of amp company Tri-Sonix. The company was sold to Ernie Ball in 1984 and has since been known as "Ernie Ball Music Man."

The Classic StingRay is based on the original designs crafted by Leo Fender in the mid '70s for the company's first bass with technological updates. This string-through-body bridge, bass and treble equalizer knobs, and mute kit are taken directly from the 1976 model and paired with contemporary elements such as six-bolt neck attachment and easily accessible truss rod.

This is the five-string model.

Note: the Classic model is only available in the single humbucker configuration.

Years of production: 2009-present

Wood composition: ash body, figured maple neck, maple/rosewood fretboard

Pickups: standard single Music Man humbucking pickup with Alnico magnets

Other design elements: 21 high-profile narrow width frets, 7.5" neck radius, 34" scale length, high gloss neck finish, high gloss polyester body finish, Schaller BM tuning machines, classic through-body bridge w/ mute kit, six-bolt neck fixture

Available colors: Black, White

Notable artists: Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette, Gail Ann Dorsey

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