Fender Champ 1964 Blackface

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $755$1,390

The Fender Champ evolved out of the Champion 600 and 800 which launched in the late '40s. Originally, the Champ was a tweed-covered 4 watt amp with a 6-inch speaker. All of these details would evolved during its production run, with a switch to a black cover coming in 1964.

Years of Production: 
1953 - 1982

Unique to this Year: Transition made to black cabinet, though some Tweed models still produced early in year. Initially black versions had control panel on top like the tweed 5F1 design, but by end of year control panel is on the front of the amp. The version with the panel on the top are worth more resale. 

Features: 5-watts, 8-inch speaker, two inputs, volume control, treble and bass control

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