Gibson Les Paul Signature 1974 Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $4,500$5,500

The Les Paul Signature was a semi-hollowbody guitar produced in the '70s. Like the Les Paul Recording, the Signature used low-impedance plastic covered pickups.  A bass version of this design was also produced in this era. Starting in 1974, the pickups "Gibson" was added to the pickup covers.  The Sunburst finish is significantly more rare than the Goldtop version of this guitar which does increase the value. 

Years of Production: 1973 - 1978

Design Elements: Two low impedance pickups, volume knob, treble knob, mid-range knob, phase switch, tone-selector, stopbar tailpiece, tune-o-matic bridge 

Notable Players: Bradford Cox

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