Guild F-20 Troubadour Late '60s Sunburst or Natural

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $800$1,200

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $800$1,200

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Date Source Condition Asking Final
Aug 2015 Reverb Excellent $1,199 $1,199
Mar 2015 Reverb Very good $1,400 $1,200
Feb 2015 Reverb Very good $1,200 $1,100

Also known as the Troubadour, the F-20 was a smaller-sized acoustic flattop which predates any dreadnought produced by Guild. Initially, this guitar used Maple for its back and sides, but this changed to Mahogany in 1959.

Years of Production:
 1956 - 1987

Body Style: Orchestra 

Wood Composition: Mahogany back and sides, Spruce top, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Rosewood bridge, tortoiseshell pickguard, 24 3/4-inch scale length, dot inlays

Notable Guild Acoustic Players: Richie Havens, Nick Drake, John Denver

Note: Pictured example is from 1967.