Spaceman Effects Orion Reverb

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $395$465

The Spaceman Effects Orion Reverb is a true, all analog spring reverb in a pedal format, the first of it's kind. Where nearly all reverb pedal effects emulate the spring reverb's features with DSP, the Orion is the first actual spring reverb for your pedal board. Featuring full range knobs for Tone, Blend, Dwell, and Volume, the Orion features the common functions of rack mounted spring reverbs and those found built into amplifiers. A huge feature of this unique pedal is its lack of spring slash when stomping. Very commonly a loud sound, a kick drum, or various stage vibration will rattle a spring reverb's strings causing a reverberation, the Orion's spring is secure and will not do so unless striking the pedal directly. Additionally, the Orion is 100% handwired/handmade sparing no expense with extreme attention to detail and the highest quality possible making this pedal a 100% unique and great device.

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